Message from founders of KIVO:

Thank you for visiting our homepage.
My name is Takanobu Takeuchi, founder of this international volunteering organization, KIVO. Let me introduce what is KIVO.

KIVO try to make good relationship with all over the world. Especially, we donate books to children, and also we build library for them. Now we are in good relationship with Nepal, and donated more than 3000 books and built 1 big library. (Thanks to great support from Mr. Susil Pant)

We, KIVO members, have three missions.
First mission is “Change one’s life.”
Not only “change just my life” or “change children’s life”, but we hope “Change someone who have connection with KIVO”.

Second mission is “Send Hope”.
In Japanese, “KIVO” means “Hope”. We now send books to children but this is not just book, it is our “Hope”. We cannot stay or live their country so long time but book can stay eternally, and give them message. Like this way, KIVO send hope.

Third mission is “Understand each other”
This is most important point. To make good relationship, we have to know each other. Just sending money or building infrastructure is of course important, but I think that this is nonsense. KIVO’s style is “understand, and then send something needed”.

Like this way, we try to make peaceful relationship with all over the world. If they have problem, KIVO try to solve their problem together. Our action is of course small step for man, but I hope, this small step will be giant leap for humankind.

Takanobu Takeuchi August 15 2012
Takanobu Takeuchi
First President and Founder of KIVO
Graduate of Keio University Japan

Takaneri Ikeda

"To the next stage."

Founder of KIVO  ― Takanari Ikeda

I have found this organization in 2008, when I was a freshman; age 18. I think I had just spent days like others usually do, I mean nothing special, until the day comes. My turning point was when I was staying several days at some small Nepalese village in Feb. 2009. 

Everything was totally new to me. Just EVERYTHING. The way of their living, their thinking, their kindness ...  And without noticing, I was enchanted, attracted, and dragged into Nepal and Nepalese people. So, it was not surprising when I came up with the idea: " I will do SOMETHING in Nepal with Nepalese people." 

Time goes by, and I am in the last year of my university life. Once I dreamed of doing something in Nepal. After 4 years, the "something" turns out to be "book-sharing". My organization KIVO built libraries in many schools in Nepal thanks to many kindest local people I have ever met. I tried many things to create values in Nepal. I know there were many breaking heart things, laborious tasks, and difficulties. But these experiences make me stronger. And the reason I was able to get stronger enough to get over any difficulties is because there were, and are, many fellows to support and to be supported. Many thanks to all, all I have ever met.

We don't know tomorrow. We don't know what is going to happen next. Sometimes, we feel fear for the opacity. But we should, we must step forward. 

The world has no correct answer.
  That is why life is enjoyable.
It is you that decide which way to go.

Now, where is the way to the next stage?

Takanari Ikeda August 15 2012
Takanari Ikeda
First President and Founder of KIVO
Senior year student at Keio University Japan